Is online certification valid? – Matt Fussell

Yes, for now.

Is it useful? Not really. There aren’t a ton of online education titles you can choose from and not all are created equal.

What are the best ones? Here’s the top 6 to choose from:

1. Microsoft Word (Free)

2. Microsoft Excel

3. Google Drive/Dropbox

4. Adobe Flash Player

5. Google Docs

6. YouTube
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3. Microsoft Word

I recommend Microsoft Word, a document, word processing program that’s perfect for keeping notes, writing presentations, filing paperwork, and more.

What are the benefits?

1. It comes with a learning platform, which teaches you how to do stuff like design a page layout, create headers, tables, and blockquote text – all with just a couple of clicks! I’ve learned a ton from Microsoft Word.

2. I highly recommend using OneNote for this task. It’s easy and great to use! I’ve used it for everything I do online and it’s made working on documents a much easier task.

3. It costs a lot and does take up a lot of your time. For that reason, I recommend you go with a tool that is more cost-effective. If you’re planning to stay employed, paying more for education is simply not a good option.

What are the worst books?

1. How I did it — The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Web Design by Ben Thompson, which is just about as bad as it sounds. It’s the only thing I’ve ever read about web design that I would recommend using for work — it’s just not any good.

2. Can you believe this? A new book called Learn to code by Paul Graham? Oh my God. I have never heard of Paul Graham before, so I’m not sure why he feels it’s appropriate to tell me how to get a job. I could never use Paul Graham in my job even if I were very good at everything he ever taught me.

It’s actually pretty solid, though, and probably will benefit most people with some basic learning, including myself.

2. Learn to code

A great resource for learning to code is by Paul Graham. It’s a collection of 10 books, spanning different topics, designed to help you learn to code. It’s free and is available via the learning platform Udacity.

What are the benefits?

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