Is learning to draw hard? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

There are a number of good ways to practice hard drawing. I would recommend a couple of freebies to start with. If you’re using the freebie above, the one that works for you is ‘Drawing Hard’ by Matt B. (check him out on YouTube)

Drawing hard is a really easy and useful lesson, it comes in at around 15 minutes. It goes over the basics of pencil line selection, creating strokes, shading and fills. It doesn’t go into as much detail as this, mainly it just focuses on basic shading, but it still really demonstrates the basic skills of drawing.

If you’re still worried about learning how to draw hard, consider taking it to a drawing workshop or getting a great book or freebie to practice on. That might be the way you keep drawing.

3) Use a pencil.

Drawing is the best way to learn to draw hard, because it requires all five fingers to create a line. A pencil works really well and the best ones on the market work really well!

4) Start out easy.

Do it with only the smallest amount of pencil, start with just one or two strokes. It’s probably going to take you more practice to get right. Do everything using this method

5) Learn to make lines.

If drawing isn’t your thing, start learning to make lines with different colors. Start out trying to make lines that look like something you’d see in a photo. Start out by trying to draw a star, then a lightning bolt. Try some colors and see how they react. Use your creativity to create more fun lines to play with 🙂

6) Learn to use shapes.

This is a great way to practice drawing sharp lines. It’s just like drawing with the tip of the pen, except your pen tip doesn’t have that sharp of a point. Just grab your pen and start drawing the shapes that your hand makes when you look at shapes. There are also a few freebies out there that will teach you to draw shapes, you can find them on the drawing tips website.

7) Learn to make marks.

It’s important to know how to draw what you see on a screen or paper first. Most of what I teach you about using shapes here are things I use in a variety of ways to learn about how to make marks on a screen, paper, etc. There’s a few freebies that will teach you what to draw on

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