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“No.” He’s in his late 50s and still draws from ink pens.

Do you think one or two people in the world have the ability to draw that are still drawing?

No. I would expect something from most of the people I have seen doing it. But it’s something you never see it from. You’d be hard-pressed to find a one-on-one drawing by anyone who doesn’t have it (the ability to draw). It gets so rare. I am sure you could find a man out there who has the ability to draw anything they wanted to but just doesn’t need to.

You’ve had a successful career.

For most of my life I’ve been in the entertainment business and it was my entire professional life – it’s a long career. But I know if I wanted to play an agent one day, I could – I have that ability. The business side of things I would still do. The more I have to do, the more I get paid. I don’t want to do anything where I am being paid by somebody. I am the best-paid athlete of my generation, I can tell you that. I can’t think of the last guy. I don’t know a lot of them though. It is a blessing because I think the people that are involved would not be surprised at how good you are at something you love. When you start thinking about it, it gives you that confidence in yourself.

Would you want to be a coach at all?

Oh yeah, I would love to be a coach. I love the craft so much.

As I described yesterday, there are two possible outcomes for the US election on Tuesday: either Mitt Romney will lose the Electoral College vote or Barack Obama will win the popular vote.

The odds of either outcome being true are, according to some recent statistics, about 3 in 4, but even if Romney were to win the popular vote but lose the election, this outcome would not in itself guarantee that Clinton would win the presidency.

For this reason, I’ve included several alternative scenarios in the “Alternative” section of this post. None of them is set in stone: there are a lot of interesting things a candidate could do to win, and none of them are set in stone.

All of them take the following three important steps to work:

4. Monochromatic Value Scale & Mixing Complementary Colors ...
In each of its four scenarios, the probability that Hillary Clinton will win the election is reduced by the probability

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