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How do you make the player understand their limitations and potential?

What makes a good character? What types of goals and motivations should they have? How do they feel about their character?

What makes a good antagonist? How do they feel about their antagonist?

What kind of world do you want to create? For instance, how would you like your world to work? Do you have a preference?

Does the game need different or new mechanics? Do you intend to make use of these? In the past you’ve used the mechanic of stats and attributes and this might work, but there isn’t a whole lot of variety in these in the current ruleset.

Any mechanics that you wish to add? The GM should ask you what you want.

Are there any mechanics that you need to do differently? Some, like the fact that it costs 4 dice to make a magical tool if you do not make one yourself, you want to change this. Some might be minor, but something you’d like to do if for no better reason than “I think it would be better to have more of the mechanics I’ve already worked out that don’t need to be changed.”

Any mechanics that you haven’t done yet?

If you need to rework, it should be within Reasonably Limited Ranges. For example, you want to add a mechanic that would allow a character to become a ranger in order to avoid combat when no opponents are nearby and to avoid making allies out of animals. You need to make sure that even if it’s possible to become an animal ranger, the game is balanced so that it doesn’t result in unfair advantages to characters who are not naturally able to do such things.
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If you’re creating a new game, do you want to create mechanics to make the players feel more like they have control? Do you want a more personal system as opposed to a more generic one?

Have you considered allowing people to write their own rulesets? If yes, what are your limitations?

Make sure that the character you just created can do what he/she/they want to do. Make sure you don’t create a character that feels forced by those “limits.” If you do create such a character, make sure that it can succeed in what its character does.

If you’re creating a non-linear adventure, do you want the player characters to follow the adventure in exactly the same way that the PCs follow the adventure?

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