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The skills are the ones that give your character some ability to perform a different kind of skill. What would you attribute it to? A particular ability for being able to do another kind of skill. Would you say it is a talent or a skill? Some people attribute it to skills. But I don’t understand. You do an image, right? You make them look like you’re thinking. Can they move? Can they fight? Can they fly? Can they talk? Can they sing? Can you paint? Can you do a kind of action?

Tristan: Yeah. They have skills. But you don’t say that they’re talents. They’re just skills because we know you can do those things. They’re skills.

Alexis: So…

Tristan: I know I’m talking about skills or skills. No one would say it’s like an ability or a talent…

Alexis: Oh!

Tristan: It’s just something we know.

Alexis: Right!

Tristan: So what does that mean for how you create your character? You can be a person, a character. Or you can be a product. Or you can be something.

Alexis: If your character is a product who’s selling this product…

Tristan: Yeah.

Alexis: So your character is a product selling this product, just as much as other people’s characters. How do you balance that out in your head?

Tristan: I guess… What I think about a lot in terms of the storytelling is that I don’t know how it would ever happen. I don’t know why it would ever happen. I’m not sure if I’d know why it would… you can ask this on Reddit and that people are already asking this question. What the heck is going to happen. Well, if people say to me “I could say this character is this, but I really would want to feel that you had just been through that experience.” I would say “Well, that’s not the case. That’s impossible. And the fact that they don’t understand that is part of why stories work. They’re so difficult to explain. As if to say “Wow. There is another point of view in this. Why would we give them that? Why could we just do that instead?” It’s so difficult.

So, I don’t want to give this away. You know,

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