Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Competitions For High School Students

That goes for the human kind as well. The more a person cultivates their own sense of taste, they can discover what is good, evil, and beautiful.

Can art evolve with life itself?

Maybe, maybe not. The evolution of art is always taking time and energy to be able to produce art that fits life into a logical world.

But if one could simply cultivate his artistry and talent to grow his creative and artistic powers, how would he be able to improve at his job?

Maybe artists could do it by spending a few days with a good teacher to learn better art and music, and then improving his original talent for art.

Could music evolve?

No, not at all. Music evolves because humans are only interested in how songs and instruments sound. The music you like can never improve.

But some music is actually better than others, right?

Yes. The music you like is a reflection of your personality, and how you think is a way of expressing yourself in music.

For most of us music’s sound is like a kind of soundtrack for life.

Is art even a talent?

Yes, as well. Art is a form of expression and expression is something that is unique to each individual.

A person doesn’t have to be good at art to have a good artistry, but he/she is most likely very skilled at it.

But it seems that most people, even in the art world, are not good at art. How could they be?

I wouldn’t say that they are bad at art, because most people are actually able to create art.

Are you saying that even a talented artist has limitations?

In the end it is all in the mind and no one can prove this.

That still leaves the question: What does the future of art look like?

Artists want it to evolve, of course. Artists can always evolve as they learn more about the world. But as artists, at the end of the day, we have only the imagination and talent to create new artistry—our work.

Are you saying that many artists are only interested in making money?

Yes, and they are all going in the same direction. It is all about the idea and the creativity of the artist who comes up with new artistry.

And the best idea, and the one which takes us forward into the future?

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