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A. Talent. Some people look at art for the emotional fulfillment and gratification that the art creates. These are fine and even noble qualities. But art in its essence is an emotional experience. Art is not just a product of genius and craftsmanship. It is not the creation of pure art. Art is a product of effort, and art is usually a product of hard work. The key to great art is good work ethic and a desire to learn.

Q. What makes for great artistic art?

A. Great art is something which comes out of the heart–because people are made out of a heart, good art is always made out of people. This means that great art cannot be made by machines. It has to be made by people. And you must have an eye for things. It will have to look and feel natural, and your eyes will have to open with fresh eyes if you want to see some of the beauty of art. People who have great vision and good eyesight are usually artists on the same scale.

Q. What is an artist?

A. Art is the most important thing that one can achieve for his or her self. Art is not something to be done but is an actuality that develops in one’s mind. The person who is successful as an artist does not have a hard and a fast rule about how much he must work, but he must start out well with some basic things. Then, and only then, will his mind work and he will learn to be creative.

Q. What do I do in a great painting?

A. The best painting you can do is the one you are best at. The best painting you can do is the one you are most likely to do.

Q. When the artist makes a great artist, do we all become very good at that particular area of art?

A. Art is an effort which requires practice. An artist should never stop learning, but should concentrate only on the things he learns by experience. In order to develop his artistic skill, an artist should practice a whole bunch of difficult things. The way in which he teaches himself to do this is by painting. When an artist has practiced with the brush until he can do it smoothly, he knows how to do what he wants to do.

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Q. What kind of painting is good?

A. It is the painting which will make you most satisfied and will make you live with you. The best painting

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