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I think the idea is to start with something simple and keep working at that until its perfect. I’m looking for things that don’t feel too complicated and have a kind of lightness that I like. My basic goal is to make one that’s simple enough to enjoy but not too advanced for my own enjoyment.

I was given a gift from a dear friend. I will not tell you the full contents of her gift. I will let you know how excited I felt the moment she put it in my hands. The gift was a book in a beautiful brown leather jacket. If I am not mistaken, it was made in England. I knew the book would be perfect for me. I have just got it today! Thanks Secret Santa!

“You will receive this once you have entered the Black Desert Online Guild”

Guilds are great groups of players to talk to and gank, but I feel that they are missing something on the map. There is something that is missing when there is a guild.

I believe that this image demonstrates it all well. The picture is what you see on the website during the day during early morning.

Now let me show you what guilds look like at night.

This is a guild created by an EU NA Guilds member.

This image was taken around 11:30 PM PST on the 22nd of November, so it is after nightfall here and I am in the Black Desert.

As far as the details go. I will be keeping this group private and this group and the other members will be hidden. These two pictures should suffice however.

I’m looking forward to hearing comments and questions in the comments and I’d love to know if anyone’s noticed anything.

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Fenders are a unique guitar instrument.

It is considered the greatest guitar in the world and it has influenced all of music for centuries. It is a true musical genius. I can tell you that I personally knew George Harrison while I was a young boy in the 1970s, and the music he produced at the time is among the most influential things in human history. In fact, I had always wanted to design a custom guitar for him and I had an idea about my own and my boy’s generation.

This beautiful guitar, known as the Stratocaster, was built at George Harrison

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