How do you start off a painting? – Free Online Art Lessons Videos

Did you find a certain place or thing, and just took off and just painted that?

Yeah! One of the first things the kids were like “where do you need to go to? How do you get here?” And I’m like, “it’s like a map”. I was like, “that’s right! I know there’s an alley. I know there’s a tunnel. They have their own little waypoints.” But that’s all I need. And that’s that, really. The rest of the painting happens really naturally. It’s so random.

We have a lot of artists working with us who are like, “yeah. it’s just like a map. I can tell you where to go, I just need to know where” and they’ll tell me the exact steps, I’ll be like, “let me see.” That’s just the way it really is; it’s not something I had to design or think about in terms of where to go, it just was just a matter of just doing it.


That’s definitely my favourite. That’s the most random part?

Yeah, a lot of my paintings are random. You look at an image and all you think is, “this is a cool, cool painting!” But then you look up and it’s, “here are ten other paintings by this artist… or these three other paintings by this artist.” It’s so much to sort through. And then I like having this map of like, just where I ended up. It’s really helpful. It’s like when you have a map of, like, where your parents get married, and you know what a certain block is, then you can take those things and move them around. You can’t just put two buildings next to each other, they have to go in a certain order, which could be really fun for somebody who doesn’t know where everything is. You know, that’s what I like about it, the different maps that you can take from your paintings. If a guy has a painting of a street, of a place that he knows and he can take it and put everything in that order. I mean, they’ll just say, “Oh, he doesn’t know exactly where this is.” But it’s the weirdest map to ever get it. Because it’s always new to you, and it’s never the same place. So a map, like, has never been the same map.



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