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” I started with a blank canvas, ” He said. “As soon as the work started, it was an experience. Now I am starting the painting. As soon as I have everything in the way of texture, I start the painting at that. I find in all of that a great moment is to have all of my senses at full intensity. I find that if you can feel all of the different things going on in the painting, the texture, the light, the colour and so on, it becomes a really interesting time. I find I can go into that period of the painting where I have really experienced everything that I’ve worked on before and then work on it even more intensely. You look at it more than I ever imagined I could look and so on. That is the way you create a great work. I find that is the only way to create a great work.” So what’s the next step, do you go and finish it as a commission? “That would be the way to finish a great painting. I think it’s a bit like what an artist says, ‘I’ve got two paintings but I don’t know what to make of them’. It really is like that. The painting was very simple. So for this one I think I’ve been very lucky and so that is the place to be, is to try and work out what would be the next step. And at the same time that’s where you will find the pleasure so that is why I keep doing it. ” You’ve said to me, ‘You must finish them all’. I was wondering what you meant by that. You’ve said at times that you’re a perfectionist. And in an earlier interview, in 2010, you said there may be no more than 12 paintings that get finished. Now, that is a huge increase. Is there a lot more to what you do or is it just one step after another. ” It’s quite a lot. I mean there were 12, and then there was 12 more which has now got to 24. Now I’ve got more and more than 100. It happens all the time, particularly when I’m doing this very, very heavy work. So it’s quite a lot to go over to that level of the work to have any confidence and to believe that you’re not taking any risks. But I guess I am working a great deal and just getting some experience for the next one. And I’m getting a little bit more experience now. It’s a bit like a doctor who’s going
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