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The official website for the anime of Hayao Miyazaki ‘s My Neighbors the Yamadas ( My Neighbors the Yamada – The Yamada Family ) original light novel series revealed on Saturday that the series will premiere next week. The website updated with that information on Sunday. The site previously revealed on Aug. 22 that the series will premiere on Tuesday, Aug. 28. Additionally, the website revealed in July that the main staff would return to direct the series and the anime’s staff will include:

Original story:

In the first episode, Yamada’s brother, Sakamoto, returns from the army and takes the role as the main character. Sakamoto, who hasn’t finished school yet, struggles to establish his own identity without the support of his sister or the help of the Yamada family, but through his hard working attitude, his siblings get used to him quickly due to his naturalness.

Shūsaburō Watanabe ( Highschool DxD – The Animation , Yotogoto High School Suite , Hozuki-san – The King of Braves ) is directing the series and designing the characters, while Kentaro Sakamoto ( School Days : The Movie , Gantz , High School DxD – The Animation ) is handling the series composition, with Atsushi Nishizumi , Ryote Takeda ( Highschool DxD – The Animation director, Nisemonogatari , Mahō Shōjo Nante Mita –The Girl Who Leapt Through Time- director, Kouta Hirano ) at the script, and Kazutaka Kodaka ( High School DxD – The Animation creator, Gantz creator, Kouta Hirano ) as chief animation director. Junji Nishimura ( School Days , High School DxD – The Animation , Gantz ) is the art director, and Masanori Yamashita ( Kouta Hirano – The King of Braves , Black Butler Director’s Cut , Yotogoto High School Suite director, Black Butler director’s cut) is the sound director. Toshihiro Sakurai ( High School DxD , Gantz director’s cut ) is serving as an art studio executive.
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The story follows a newlywed couple named Yamada, who moved to the city to live together with their two children, and her neighbor Kiyomi, who has moved in with her in the same apartment building.

The series was announced in an art booklet that was included with

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