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At TechEdx, we are working to provide the tools so individuals can create their own online courses.

How much will the online course cost?

TechEdx is currently offering a range of different types of courses, ranging from one hour sessions to multi-day intensive courses. The course duration will be determined by each individual. Some courses will run in sections of two or three days and others will run in sections of four weeks. As with any new technology, the cost of the course will be influenced by what is currently available.

Where can I find more information on the topics covered by the program?

For a full list, please visit the online program page.

How do I register?

To register for the online learning course, please register with your school email address. To do this, visit the online program page.

What can you do to help encourage participants to participate?

If you wish, we can add a post-registration thank you bonus that rewards participants with a percentage of the course’s total tuition costs.
How to Paint a Colour Wheel in Acrylic — Online Art Lessons

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The cost of living is soaring, with Londoners being given a £2,000 tax cut for 2016, a report that also shows house prices are rising more than six times faster than anywhere else in the country.

The latest housing stats, published on Monday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed house prices rose 9.1% in total.

Sterling fell to a four year low against the euro as the findings prompted calls from a number of politicians.

But not everyone was impressed.

‘Fair share’

The report looked at how the cost of living in England has changed by region, focusing on the prices of 1% of homes in Greater London, from June 2015.

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The cost of living for this price bracket alone has risen by 29% in four years, with London prices up an astonishing 59%.

Rising rents in London were also one of the causes of the rise, accounting for 10.3% of the increase in the capital’s total cost of living.

In Greater London, prices rose in 16 properties in 2014-15 compared with only 7 in 2005-06, and they climbed 9 in each of the past seven years, pushing the total price rise to £3,622 in 2015.

The rise was also driven in parts of London by the increased cost of land.

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