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How did you learn to draw? I was born in Chicago and went to a pretty small art school that was only a few years old. I would like to think that I learned a lot about what it was like to work at an art school. There was a lot going on there and I got a lot out of being at that school and trying to go out and meet real people in some of the places we went. All through college, I was very interested in working at a commercial building on a really exciting scale. I really enjoyed working at that building and just getting to be an adult for the first time in the Midwest. I think there’s something really exciting about going to an art school and just learning all about what it’s like to work on something for a living. One of the things I think it’s important to understand in your work as an artist is that in the midst of a drawing, there are very different stages of your work that you feel you should try to achieve. You should try not only the best quality but also try to do something you’ve never done before. And also make your work interesting. A lot of times when you work at a commercial building, you’re really just there to fill in the space. You know, what the client wants, what the building’s like, and what kind of work they want, just to fill that space. But at the same time, you can’t actually show any of your actual work to the client because they’ve already seen it. It’s the exact same on the page. You might have the art, but you have nothing else that you can show them. We all want to give people a sense of how a piece can look in a drawing and we have a tremendous amount of art in that vein. And you can’t just show that in any way whatsoever, like you can just use the same type of color in all your art. I think you have a great opportunity to explore things with your drawing and to try, if you have time, to take inspiration from other drawing that you’ve done without really doing the work for yourself. For example, if you’re drawing a dog and you make the fur look really long and smooth, but when you go back and you draw it again, the fur looks completely different. You can’t really give that drawing any sort of personality if you haven’t played around with it. So you have to make some kind of personal approach. Like this time, let’s try to figure out this way that we can take a nice
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