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One thing I try and focus on in my classes, is that in the beginning I don’t try to make anyone uncomfortable.

My main goal, though, is to teach people how to draw. I don’t try to hide anything I’ve drawn, whether it’s how big my eyes are or my mouth. I’ll let them draw anything they want.

This brings up the idea of an art director – what does that mean – and if such an artist could come into your studio and tell your style of drawing.
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It doesn’t mean that I won’t draw certain kinds of people. But if it’s like, “This is not your style,” then my focus is to teach people how to draw, and give them encouragement to draw. Not to tell them exactly what you’re going for in your drawings, but just to know that if you’re not drawing things that would fit their personality – things that they would like to draw – then you shouldn’t draw them.

Is drawing based on life experiences one of the things the comic book world benefits the most from right now? Because I noticed while I was still doing illustration that the majority of my readers were young adults.

I find that people who grow up the most see their friends making movies and don’t have the perspective to say, “How did my friends do that? That was their idea.”

I’m not an expert at that, though. But I know that people get a little bit younger and have a little bit more insight. Like, you just came from the age of 19, and you’re a grown man. You’re an adult. And you’ll get your views on things through that lens, even if you don’t know it yet.

And the other thing is that when I see people at their prime, they seem to have a lot more fun with comics than people who are drawing at their midcareer. It’s not just about how hard it is to make them look, but also a little bit more of a sense of satisfaction. Like you know when you’re an adult and you make your parents’ favorite dinner at home and they’re kind of like, “Wow! You did this for your parents!” and you know that there’s something about making that someone else’s dinner that they enjoy. And so, yeah, that’s a good thing.

One of the great things about comics as opposed to other forms of art is that you can go to conventions and hear things like that. The best

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