How do you develop a drawing style? – Evening Art Classes Near Me

Drawing styles have evolved over time. As a young cartoonist starting out in the early 1970s I was influenced by the style of Stan Freberg, and by the styles of some of his contemporaries – Tim Donohoe and Mark Waid. So I draw with that style.

What drew you to do a cartoon strip that featured female protagonists?

One of the most distinctive aspects of Tim and Eric are their ability to evoke female emotion. You see them in one episode – Tim is taking a drink and Eric is looking out the window. Eric is talking about how beautiful the woman is and how much he misses her. As he looks out the window he meets the woman and she looks back at him with her beautiful eyes. That’s a powerful moment.

You’ve been in a lot of animated shows over the years, but you’re the longest-running comic strip artist, so let’s talk about the strip the first time I saw it. The strip was called The Joyful Unicorn. Do you remember how you first saw it?

I was going to a screening of Adventure Time at the New Beverly Cinema. It was my favorite Cartoon Network show, with the characters I was drawing. When I saw them on screen it was at the same time as the show and I was so moved by the animation. Then I read a little article which said that Cartoon Network was looking for writers so that was a pretty big deal for me as a new cartoonist. They had me read the script and I instantly felt that was the first time I was drawing in 3D which I still am. It was kind of a dream come true.

When the cartoon ran was it the first or second time you’d ever seen an animated cartoon?

It was my first time seeing the cartoon. The first time I saw it I was 8 years old and it was a lot funnier than the show. Even for a 8 year old, they get that much out of the script.

You’ve made cartoon movies – a musical or two with Steve Martin, some web animations, video game shorts. Are there other TV cartoon movie voices you’d like to do?

Oh, sure! When I’m not drawing in 3D I’m singing, or singing and playing trumpet or guitar like Peter Gabriel. I wrote “The Little Lion Song.” The voice of the little lion from “The Little Lion Song” was written by Tim and Eric’s voices, they just have a very specific sound. They have

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