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Here’s the process:

• If you’re new to art or have a weak eye, ask a friend who is really into comics.

• Check out art in galleries, online art sites, etc.

• Use the guide above to find art where you would have liked to see it (for example, if you love the style of a certain artist, do an image search and find the work you would have liked to see).

• Look at all the art for the style you love and learn from it. If there’s something you’d like to learn from that artist, find something else (or maybe something new).
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• See which artists have done the same thing or have tried to do that style in their own work. If you’re lucky, you’ll find two artists with the same style in other works. This doesn’t mean they’re the best artist of all time, but it gets you curious and makes you want more. Don’t make the same mistakes again.

• Try the artists for yourself. Sometimes you’ll like something, and sometimes you won’t. Try both out and see which works better for you.

• Check out where these books were recently published and what else you can find out about them. You might be drawn into the artist when you see the artwork.

This list is long, I admit, and it could go on forever, but it’ll hopefully help you! When you’ve got the questions worked out, start reading!

In the next article, I’ll cover the techniques for the different types of art.

About the Author

This guide might sound tedious, but it really isn’t. We have a long history of comics that stretches back centuries, and we still have many great artists pushing the boundaries of what can be written. One important thing to remember is that in an era of comics that are almost completely graphic in nature, the technique and process of using color to convey emotion is more important than anything else – the art needs to tell you what it means, how you feel about what’s happening.

I’ve been working in comics for 20 years. I started out as a kid with a book in my dad’s office from 1976 that he gave as a souvenir from Comic-Con International, and I loved it. I remember being in the audience that evening, getting sucked in by what was going on. But it wasn’t until after I moved away and started school that I really realized just how vital

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