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First, get into the habit of having your drawing face you at all times! It’s probably the single most important thing for your progress.

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Secondly, you need to make sure that you’re not going around looking over your shoulder looking for inspiration (which is great for visual learners but a poor learning experience for the rest of us!).

Take a look at this drawing of a cat’s face…

Do you notice anything unusual? You know from the first photo that it’s a dog and not a cat, right? That means there’s something weird going on about the face.

How do you fix it? It’s important that you start with a blank image and try to make it as recognizable as possible. The trick there is to do the same thing with the second and third photos.

And just for fun, watch this video of what your student draws when he gets too excited:

I’m not saying that making small mistakes are a bad idea… of course they help to improve your drawings. The key is to focus on the more fundamental problem: that your head is looking in a completely different direction than the one you’re following.

And what will that problem turn out to be?

Don’t worry about how you draw it – that’ll be the next part of this blog post.

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What’s next?

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