How do beginners learn to paint? – Online Art Lesson For Kids

It can be very confusing to pick up a brush and start painting. There are countless “books” out there that are supposed to explain how to paint, but do so in a way that makes you feel “right” and “safe”.

What makes the difference? Why I decided to write this article about the art of painting is that a lot of paint-obsessed people don’t necessarily follow the rules of proper paint-job practice that I have, but just don’t feel comfortable painting a particular way. I know I don’t feel right, so when I see a technique that works on my wall, I take my chances with it. Most of my painting has been done in a way that doesn’t feel right, so I try to pick up some paintbrushes and go to town.
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I’ve seen dozens and dozens of online reviews that say the following:

You should paint with a large brush and use plenty of water for a smooth finish. Use lots of nail polish remover, and don’t be afraid to use a toothbrush to get it in places that have been difficult to smooth with your hand. The paint won’t dry clear. I’ve had my hand so sore after a few days of work that I stopped drawing for a day. I’ve had to change colors over a hundred times before you can really see the differences. Don’t let your eyes see things as they are. The “fine lines” of your image are where your artist’s imagination begins. Use a light paintbrush with a lot of water, but don’t rush, and don’t worry if your paint flakes or splatter. Remember that these are your paintings. And, as the painter Mark Twain said, “You can see no more than you can see.”

These words were from Mark Twain himself. It’s so interesting to use a metaphor like this, because painting is a great metaphor for life and the art of life – the same life which is the ultimate challenge, the greatest challenge, and is where you find everything as the universe comes alive. It’s in that very struggle that most of us are born to experience, and through that pain that gives us our inner glow.

I have been a student of painting since I was a child, and I have become a painter by choice in the past few years. In many ways, I want to inspire others – and that means sharing the tips that worked for me.

So, without further ado, let’s get things moving!

The Basics

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