How can I teach myself to paint? – Types Of Portrait Drawing

It is absolutely vital that you have a sense of inspiration and inspiration is the number one teacher in your creative process. Learn the basics of drawing and then move along to a more advanced level.

What is the average time it takes to learn how to paint?

At this stage it can take anywhere from one to two weeks to learn how to paint. Beginners are just as much to blame as professionals as they do lack the time and the motivation to brush up on everything they need to know in order to succeed.

What is the best advice I have ever received for learning how to paint?

If you ever have the opportunity to show someone your artwork do not let them take the time to talk you into something. Let them see how good you are at what you do at hand so that they can help you in your pursuit. This will be a very honest form of encouragement which will set you up for success as much as any other compliment (b)

What is your favourite painting of the year?

That’s a tough request. It is hard for me to choose just one painting which exemplifies the skills I was learning. Although the following three artists I mentioned were my favourite examples:

Giovanni Pontecorvo: In the beginning stages of my painting career I painted everything red and black to the letter. My obsession with these colours meant that they were the most difficult for me to master.

Jorge Ponce: This artist started off working on the blue-violet and red shades. However when I took a lesson from his daughter I knew that I was ready to dive into my true colours. With just a brush and my patience I made her painting a world class event.

My personal favourite?

A couple of years ago when I was working on a sculpture of a beautiful mother with her young son I was lucky enough to find a friend painting the mother with the son in mind…and it was just too fun.

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