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I’m sure someone with nothing more than a paintbrush and a blank canvas will be able to teach themselves to paint with some confidence and ease, but that’s not what this article is about. You need to be in the process of learning how to do this, that’s how you can get better. The first thing that I need to do is decide what I want to learn. I can imagine my own style – a more subdued version of what I enjoy painting – and then take that into consideration when I decide how I want the look of my painting to look and how I want it to look from the front. I also need to decide what painting method and method of action I’m going to adopt. I might be more focused on just painting a straight line than, say, trying to create a dynamic picture with color with a brush. In those cases, the only real thing you need to do after you’ve thought about which one to go with is simply “pick a paint” and take your time creating that. Of course, there’s always something else you want to do or see, and that takes time, too – even when you’re doing well and just working towards a perfect color match.

I want to work on my portrait painting. Do you have any tips for me on how to paint my paintings?

Not that I’m aware of, but there is a term for it called “dynamic” which means it’s not your painting as it exists but it’s the painting that will change, become better or worse over time, depending on its state. I guess that’s kind of like painting: it’s not static, nor is it static. And that’s also the point! A portrait can be very fixed, like the way I paint it in this website, and very moving, like when I painted it for my art auction. Even with static or even dynamic painting, there’s always something moving, moving away the subject, moving in to the foreground and so on. In other words, there’s always more to the portrait if its not static, too.

So I’m going to get better at painting in general?

Of course! And for me there are three things that are important to me: learning about my subject, learning my technique and learning when to do things. If you don’t learn about your subject, you can’t learn about your technique. And this is also one of the main reasons why I paint with acrylics; the first thing you learn to paint with

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