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Here’s a tip for anyone who is unsure how to teach themselves to paint (if you are unsure how to teach yourself to draw please check your local art class for help),

Use this online art instruction. It’s free. You can start learning now and you don’t have to spend anything to attend this classes online (if you can’t afford to do that then you need to pay for the classes).

In this online art instruction I’m going to have a series of lessons that are set up in a way that you can learn them all without buying them and I’m going to have them be for beginners in no time.

You’ll need to download and install Google Chrome plugin. When you try to visit the class page with Chrome disabled, Chrome warns you that your computer might be infected. If you have a machine with Chrome installed just try to visit it again. You can disable this warning with one click. Once Chrome is disabled please refresh the page.

You will then see a page that looks like this:

If you see one of the above check and see if there are any mistakes or missing parts. A lot of the time you can tell whether there are errors at this point of course.

If there are lots of mistakes that the instructor has made then your first lesson will be set in a way that it makes sense to learn in and you can skip right to it.

If your teacher has gone over the whole drawing tutorial in their own words, then you’ll know that they didn’t write everything down all the times which means if you’re struggling with a part of the lesson you can look at the lessons and read those that have the mistakes at the start to see what you might be missing.

The lesson may have a bit of repetition and then there will be parts that are just the instructions you need to draw.

Then you should use Google Chrome plugin to go to the class page, there you will see lots of links that you can click on to get to the next lesson.

In most cases you are set to draw, but you should check that you’ve actually taught yourself how to draw. Do you remember how to draw, and do you remember the directions about where to draw your nose? If you’ve taught yourself a bit of drawing (you can go and listen to some art podcasts) then you should be able to draw in the next part of the tutorial, this is usually what’s recommended to all new artists but it takes practice.

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