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It’s easy. If you can’t wait for class to start for some reason, simply click the “Add Class” button and select classes from the pop up menu. If your classes aren’t set up yet, it might take some getting used to, or you can create your own lessons on your own, to start at any time!

If I register to take any classes at the college I want to go to, what happens to the funds I pay in?

Don’t worry. You will be paid. The only way to not be paid is to cancel your subscription and pay the extra money using one of the many different payment methods.

After I get a certificate from the college I want to go to, what will my financial aid go towards?

You will receive your financial aid check (if any) immediately after your graduation. You can check your eligibility and payment status by logging on to the website. You can also find out more information about financial aid on the website here.

What other benefits do I get?

With nearly a month to go before we officially begin 2015, we’re already gearing up for what promises to be an exciting year and we’re happy to announce the 2015 E3 Expo will be held in LA from the 10th to the 13th at the LA Convention Center.
Igor Sakharov artist , video tutorial painting drawing ...

Here is a link to the full schedule of events, which will give you ample opportunity to meet some of the latest and coolest video game developers and publishers. There will also be a number of panels and special events to attend, so make sure you plan your travel accordingly.

If you are interested in more official news, or need to contact us in an emergency, please direct your queries to

We’ll keep you posted on the latest event details as they become available.

Happy gaming everyone!

As we’ve mentioned several times now, we’re seeing a lot of discussion over how well the Xbox One and PS4 will perform during this holiday season. Some analysts are predicting higher sales than what Microsoft and Sony have already announced. Others have made similar predictions without any data, so far.

We’ll be going over a few different aspects of these two consoles and putting our money on them performing differently than many would have expected.

The Xbox One

While we’ve already seen some early reports on the PS4 with the company promising 50% more frames per second, we haven’t seen any real-world

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