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Image caption The campaign was inspired by similar campaigns in the US and France

The French and UK governments have started to launch a global campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Change Communication Network wants to highlight how far people’s attitudes have fallen on the subject of global warming.

The campaign comes in response to the Paris Agreement, which sets an international target of reducing emissions by 30% below business-as-usual levels by 2025.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May called it an “historic opportunity to show our leadership” at the talks in the city last year.

The two governments are among the last of the major international economies in the developed world to have committed to the Paris agreement.

They are expected to announce this week plans to provide an additional £50bn by 2020.

However, they have been criticised for not giving enough money to help poorer nations prepare for the shift away from fossil fuels.

‘Not ready’

The first phase will focus on education and awareness.

It will feature the UK government’s “British Values” campaign, which was described by UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove as “not ready” and “not a good enough reflection of British values” a year ago.

‘Lit a fire’

The British government’s climate change communication centre, which is in charge of the Paris agreement, will also be working to support the French campaign.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove said not all of the money promised by the UK would go on climate change

It is a crucial part of the process, as Mr Gove also said “there is a sense of frustration that some of the money promised by the UK and some of the money pledged by the EU is not going to its intended targets”.

But the Climate Change Communication Network said funding was necessary because the world’s governments “must show their will at the table.

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“This is not just an exercise in rhetoric but a call to action that will have an impact on the global climate and the poorest people across the globe.”

It said that for all the talk about “going green”, there was a lack of a commitment to climate action from all the players who need to be on the same page.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption British Environment Secretary Michael Gove said it was “not a good enough reflection of British values”

“So a global climate change communication campaign is a critical step for our

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