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By the time his new album will be released, Eminem will have played three dates — two in North America and one in China — and has also played a few more shows. In between these stops, he’s also been tweeting about music, and his new Twitter account, @eminemusic, has been making waves. His most recent tweet read: “I’m at work. I just released my third album. I need to check this out.”

While the tweet is all well and good, a more pertinent question that could potentially be answered: Will the album actually be out by the end of 2014? That seems unlikely — especially after he only announced plans to put out one album, “Stan,” and two more, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” and “The Marshall Mathers LP 3.”

That leaves plenty of time — maybe until the new year, maybe longer — for Eminem to come up with some answers. Here are seven questions that he probably can’t answer before he releases his latest album in December:

1. Why isn’t Marshall anywhere in the music video?

This could be due to a number of different reasons:

• A photo of his father with Michael Jackson may have been used in the background of a music video that didn’t happen.

• The video for “Fancy” may already have been shot, but it’s unclear if he was still on the set.

• A number of clips from the album seem to be digitally spliced without the rapper present. (He was a “Dogg Man” in the video for “The Real Slim Shady.”)

• Marshall was probably shot in Los Angeles for the music video for “Stan” but his whereabouts aren’t known, and his whereabouts weren’t known for any of his other music videos or films.

This is probably the best way to approach the question of whether Eminem will release a third album before the official release in December. Maybe it was “Stan” that was used because it was so well received — after all, his previous album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” made more money than his latest “The Marshall Mathers LP 3.” If it wasn’t, a lot of fans may feel cheated, and it’s possible that’s why they were waiting. If it is “Stan,”

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