Can you take art classes online? – Drawing Coaching

Yes! We are dedicated to teaching online and have a large library of art instruction materials. You can browse for works with any difficulty using our search tool. Also, the art museum offers free self-paced online art courses. For an in-depth look into our art instruction resources, refer to our article Art Instruction for Beginners .

Does ArtQuest require a credit or debit card to register?

Yes. ArtQuest requires a credit or debit card. If you wish to use ArtQuest at a venue not operated by ArtQuest then a debit, credit or gift card payment (cash or credit/debit card not accepted) is required in addition to your payment. Please make sure you’re using a debit or credit/debit card, this payment method is not accepted at ArtQuest.

Is the ArtQuest Museum of Art’s museum membership optional?

Yes. ArtQuest doesn’t force you to choose a museum subscription. For more information, please visit our Membership Information page.

Do you offer a discount?

Please call or email us with your inquiries for a full review of the museum’s exhibitions.

Where can I download a free ArtQuest Museum of Art newsletter?

You can sign up at the Museum of Art’s online membership page:

What is the Museum of Art’s online photo archive?

You may view all our gallery photos, print and share them as PDFs from our online photo archive. See this page for more information:

The museum is currently transitioning to a mobile-friendly website that allows you to check the Museum of Art online from your mobile device. To use Museum of Art for this purpose, go to or the Library app, or search for #museumofart.

Can I use a smartphone to access the museum via an app?

Unfortunately, while we have found mobile app functionality works, it is more complicated to control. See this page for more information:

Can I see more artwork in the Museum of Art online gallery?

Yes! Click here to view gallery art online and other galleries.

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Can I upload artworks to the online gallery?

Yes! You may upload works to the online gallery. See this page for more information:

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