Can you draw without reference? – Free Online Art Lessons Painting Color Schemes

Well, you can’t. You can only paint and draw from memory. When you’re looking at a piece of paper, your eyes and hands are working under your eyelids, trying to make sense of a vague and mysterious vision that’s been floating in the back of your head. If you have any sort of mental faculties for abstract thinking, they’re pretty much gone in about thirty seconds. It’s the same kind of problem, of course, in a painting. Every brushstroke has to be interpreted. That, though, is pretty much all you can do. In the same way, every stroke of a computer keyboard must be interpreted. And again, even if you could see what that meant in a piece of paper, you still couldn’t understand it—you had to find it somewhere else.

What’s the deal with the name?

We wanted to name it something that was simple, clear, and familiar so that people might be able to think about it without having to keep thinking about it. The name “Hitchbitten” was our answer to something like that. And the whole point of it was that it would be a reminder, to many people, of how simple things really are. There’s a lot of mystery in being able to do something and having no idea of why you were doing it…you end up just watching your hands do things, or playing with the computer keyboard and wondering what that computer is doing. We wanted it to be obvious why you were doing that, which is the whole point of all the “Hitch”s and “Hitch”s on the chalkboard I drew as you watched me do it. This was a metaphor for the whole thing. It’s easy at first; you just get it. But then it takes on a life of its own. Once you have it under your mind, you never know what it means or who you are. It’s like going into a new country and suddenly understanding why. You can get very clear about what you’re doing, but once you’re there, you can’t explain why you were doing it in the first place.

Is it true that you got the idea that the Hitch is a symbol that you use regularly?

the “Hitch” in its current form is also on this chalkboard

Yeah, I got that one right. The “Hitch” is a symbol that is on the chalkboard as it goes around us. It’s an easy symbol to remember and use. Sometimes we’ll have

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