Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Online Summer Art Classes For Middle School Students


What about the next step of becoming a tattoo artist? Have you ever thought of doing that?

No, I don’t think I should do it.

What is better? A tattoo or getting an animal tattoo?


What about animals?

I mean, you can do it with human beings and pigs and so on.

But then you’re doing it with something that is so powerful.

No. I’m doing it with the animal, just because it is so powerful.

So why, now that you do it with animals? Can you see yourself doing other animal tattoos?

Um …

What about humans?

I don’t know about human stuff.

Okay. Well I’d love to hear your take.

[Laughs] Let me start off by saying I really love animals. I’ve had a tattoo artist as part of my family since I was four, since my mom started working in tattooing, so I’ve seen the tattoos and the process from the beginning. So I really want to talk about my feelings about animals.

I think they’re really beautiful, and it’s important to me that they are treated with respect. As a child, my grandmother always told me to say, “That’s your tattoo. That’s your skin” and to draw with respect. That’s important to me.

I think that there’s so much that we don’t know about evolution. It really has a profound impact on us as a species. I really hope that the world can learn that about animals as well.

I made a promise to myself to not read anything more than six pages in a book before I finished the first chapter. I knew how important it was to do so. Not to mention how it’s part of my addiction. How difficult it was to read in those first six pages, and why is it important?

Why it’s important: I had read so many short stories/novels that I had forgotten how wonderful and meaningful they are. So in many ways, I was able to write this book at a time when I felt like I needed to give it my all and I wanted to make sure that every single page could be written. It was really difficult to make that many words, and this is something I’ve only been able to do once before, writing an essay while still in the midst of a book. In that article, I gave some

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