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At the core of it all I’m an artist from the mid-90’s in the studio. So if I wanted to make music I would have done that. I spent all my time on video games. I just started putting together a playlist when I was in the ’90’s. I would have been an old school gamer if I had been able to do it on my own. I’m not. I do that now…

How did you end up in the video game industry when you first started?

I would work for an independent game designer. That would be Sega where some of those guys would give me a game and my job was to come up with the ideas for the characters. I spent two years on a Sega Dreamcast game that used to be in development called, “Pikmin.” (laughing) It was just a little side game for that console… But I just fell in love working for independent designers and I was happy in the studio I worked for which was at one point called “Playground for Kids.” I really wanted to work for Ubisoft but I ended up working for a small independent developer called Misfit Futures who were also working on that game when they didn’t think I could get the job I wanted.

It’s interesting. “The Cave” is your work with the band “Nexus 6”

Yeah yeah. You can see all our work on this CD. I worked with “Nexus” on a few tracks. Yeah, there were a few other people like myself, Jason Vondelle, who is now doing a couple of things for the band with the new album. I used to work at, “Pikmin” when that was just like a side game.

So how do you go from being a gamer and creating music and what not to being a video game composer? How did the transition happened?

I don’t know if it happened overnight, but it got a lot more challenging to get the songs we wanted into a video game because…it’s not like you have an existing track where you can just plug it in and know that it’s okay. There’s gotta be some kind of art within it. The game itself has to be beautiful, it has to have an interesting story, it has to have something that’s different than what you’re used to playing. So, I actually worked on a lot of games that didn’t sound great. “Metal Slug 2”, my biggest game…was

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