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Online courses should not get you an entry-level job at one of Australia’s top companies. In fact, we think they can do the opposite. Online courses are less likely to teach you the skills required to build a company’s online presence. In other words, they give you less relevant education.

Why? Because of our experience of the online workforce, we have found that if a company wants an online presence, they need to have experience of the company’s workforce. This means that if they choose a degree-based online course, they need to ensure that they have employees to teach them how to do those skills.

What does this mean for employers?

When employers look at a graduate with an online degree, they are looking for the ability to teach the skills they will need to hire workers to meet their needs.

Most Australians will tell you that learning a piece of information online has much lower engagement rates than watching a course of online lectures at a university. In fact, surveys have found that nearly 90% of Australians don’t know the difference between a web page and a screen, and only a quarter of Australians have ever used a computer.

What you learn online is a great training ground for what you’re looking for in the workplace. The skills learnt online are relevant to the skills you want to work hard to acquire in the workplace. In this way, your experiences online are valuable even if you can’t see your work in action.

While it is true that the skills you learn online can lead to higher earnings in the long run, that has less to do with an online degree than with the knowledge you are getting from the course and your personal learning style.

How to earn an online degree

If you are interested in earning your online degree, there are many ways to get in on the action. For some of our online degree providers, you can earn your certificate online straight from the start, with no commitment required. However, if your qualifications are highly relevant to the employer, you may be better off getting into a traditional university course.

Here’s some tips on how to get started:

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