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No, not really. The basic rules I’m going to use in this tutorial are that a model stands in a certain position, and then all we are doing is applying the basic rules for painting. The first step is to create your brush, so head on over to the “Brushes” tab, find the brush you’re using and click the little red triangle button to the right of your model. Now, go to “Brush Types” and browse your brushes by category or choose the category you want.
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Next, browse what you’ve created in your “Brush Sets” window, then select the category you need your models in again. For our example, I’ve selected “Tunnel”, but there are hundreds of brush types you can choose from. Once you’ve selected the category you need, click the little square button next to the category name. Now, click the “Apply to” button next to the selected category and we’re good to go.

When a family of two, including 2-year-old son, were traveling on the Tumen River crossing of Shanghai’s Changping-Shanghai International Airport, they accidentally ran into a group of pedestrians.

According to the Tianzhou Times, after getting out of their taxi, the father and son ran over to the pedestrians that had been crossing the Tumen river, but the boy was unable to stand up and fell into the river, where he drowned.

This tragedy resulted in a public outcry and a campaign by local government to strengthen its measures. However, the parents of 1-year-old daughter were let off with a warning of 300 yuan ($41) by authorities because the family was wearing headphones, which were the right type of headphones for children.

Despite being extremely upset, the parents said that the family were simply playing and did not intend to injure anyone. However, they admitted that they would have never gotten out of their car to go to the crossing. The city’s traffic police also blamed the family to not take sufficient precautions to avoid accidents.

However, China has a policy for children as young as seven to wear headphones so as to take part in traffic safety training, which is common to all of China’s cities, and as such, if a young child should get too caught up in the traffic, they may not take appropriate actions such as driving safely, instead choosing to stand by the curb.

A survey of Chinese parents who have been charged for excessive traffic safety was conducted after the

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