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You have to buy a workshop or go to a dedicated workshop where you can learn by yourself. For our lessons, you spend about 10 hours in two hours and it costs about $400. We don’t have a dedicated painting instruction area, so it’s up to the instructor of course for that. But you can also come to a studio of a professional art instructor, a painter’s studio, and you can learn with a group. It’s up to you to decide which one you go with.

For painting lessons, it’s like any other art area, you have to come in and see our painting tutorials. They are also very detailed. It’s very good.

I want to learn new painting tips, how much do I spend?

$5,000 – $6,000

$1,500 – $2,000

$500 – $6,000

How good is the equipment?

Most of what you have in the studio is paint. You can’t buy it online. You have to buy the pieces of equipment yourself. Your painting is also very important as the pieces of paint that you buy are expensive and that’s an important part of the whole experience.

We have the equipment from paint by artists like Andy Warhol that is very high quality and we also have the equipment from paint and design groups like Michael Graves, J. A. Kowalski and Ralph Moen. They have the best equipment of all the studios we worked for.

Are you going to teach workshops?

We have many people on Instagram that are interested in painting, so we’re going to be looking for teachers. But we’ve only got this studio. There’s not much else in town, only the studio and the studio alone. We have to build the studio if we go out to the community, but you can’t go out and get that kind of equipment for $5,000 in a studio that you can’t even afford. So we’re looking for instructors. It’s expensive, but we need the tuition to give people a class to do it well. We want to help people learn and it’s very important that you have the right training for beginners and intermediate.

What’s the difference between an art workshop and a paint and design class?

The difference between the two is it costs $500-$6,000. The difference is you spend more time in the studio so you have the equipment and a lot

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