Can I learn drawing online? – Free Online Art Classes For High School

You may get many drawings free as a result of participating in our drawing contests.

Can I learn drawing using video-drawing software?

The majority of drawing tutorials use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. However, there are some excellent free programs and websites that teach drawing skills using a variety of free programs such as:

Draw Studio



Drawing: Basics

Is the drawing for sale?

The drawing may still be used for commercial purposes, but it is copyrighted.
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Do you use commercial fonts in the drawing?

We use the original fonts provided by The Fontspring Project for the images included on our website. However, we cannot guarantee the correctness of these fonts or the quality of images used.

The University of Missouri has found itself under fire for the school’s treatment of several students who were racially insensitively removed from an art class in December.

Students complained that the “Mizzou is a college; and as such, should be a place where people can practice their artistic and creative talents with the people around them,” TheColumbus Dispatch reported.

But an official from the University of Michigan was more blunt, warning that the school had a racial sensitivity issue and would respond accordingly.

“The issue of race and ethnicity on campus has been an issue for me since before my arrival to MU,” said James A. Vigdor, vice president of academic and institutional advancement. “The current environment is not conducive to fostering a culture of equal opportunity and equity for all members of the MU community.”

Vigdor also told Fox News there is “no safe haven for those who feel marginalized by a campus dominated by white, male, older students.”

A number of reports from students told of racial slurs and inappropriate comments that were overheard during the art class. Some students reported feeling they were being punished for their opinions or that they couldn’t find art materials that reflected their culture.

Others found themselves in physical threats, some even being physically beaten when they tried to report the incident to authorities.

One man was even found with his neck broken in a fight for calling out a student for mocking his wife by saying “Mizzou is a college,” according to a report in the Columbia Missourian.

A video of a campus patrolman confronting a student at the art class was released, showing several students threatening to get the officer fired after the video was posted on YouTube.


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