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It’s true that learning to draw isn’t something you should do in a hurry, but don’t give up if it feels like it. There are plenty of courses out there to help with this, but just stick with online resources.

How do I learn to paint digitally?

The best way you can learn to paint digitally is simply to draw digitally. But you need a sketchbook, and of course, it’s the one way you can express yourself and create some fantastic works of art.

What kinds of art will I be producing?

I’m sure the most difficult kind of work of art to create will be landscapes. But I’m sure that you’ll be able to create beautiful landscapes from sketching and some light color pencils.

How did my inspiration come about?

I started reading books, and my family started taking me to art galleries. I saw so many of the artists I already considered very talented and I was inspired more than ever. And that’s when I started looking for more creative art for my own work.

What kind of books was it that inspired you the most?

The stories of Dune and the story of David in The Fountainhead hit my attention and the story of the creation of life itself. Also, when I saw how much of an impact science fiction could have on society in my youth, I started thinking that my own artwork could play a huge part in creating that.

Who do you think is the best contemporary comic artist?

I want to say Jeff Lemire, so please, come and see my exhibit. He’s one of my favorite modern artists, so I’m really excited to have him here as a panelist and to see what he does.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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