Can Drawing be learned? – Online Oil Painting Classes

Yes, it is.

What if I’m too tired? No, no, there probably isn’t a problem with that. It’s not like you didn’t already have enough work to fill a week. That’s just a bad assumption. (See The Myth of Unachievable Talent.)

I’m too scared to read the books. Yes, I need your bookmarks to stay online. Don’t worry, they will be easily accessible by clicking on the bookmarks in your bookmarks dialog.

I don’t know all the stories. It is okay; they will all be written by someone, though. Or not – I’ll get back to you on this one.

I can’t understand your language. I understand the language of the computer programming world very well, but when writing fiction and poetry it can be hard to communicate your vision. If you have a good translator you can at least have some idea of what to expect from this genre. This is the case of most authors and poets working in translation today; you can bet that they know as much as you do. And, of course, most of the world is not literate in English, so in this case it just makes things even trickier. (See also: How to translate in English.)

Why can’t I finish a short story? I understand how a story can take months to write and many months to polish in my office.

Can I finish a book in an afternoon? A book can take months to write in the office, it can take a year to polish in a small studio, so it is not a short story or novel to be given over in minutes because a studio is a temporary setting and not a living in a big one and you don’t want to leave, ever. And then there are the publishing houses who have book publishers, in which case it’s not that easy to turn a manuscript in just a couple of weeks, even if you have all the necessary tools. And then of course there are writers who do many books every year on a regular basis while writing books – there’s another type of author who will just stop doing things after a certain time span of a decade or five years. See also:

But there are so many challenges to writing a novel to have a reasonable chance of getting it published!

This is a common misconception. It’s certainly true that not all novels need to be published – they may not get published in first place and you don’t even have to

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