Can anyone be good at drawing? – Free Online Art Lessons

I don’t think anyone can be good at drawing, I don’t think about drawing, what you do is you do your job. I don’t think about it.

I think there’s this sort of attitude of ‘we don’t do comics.’ And, of course, it’s ridiculous. The kind of people who do comics are actually very good. I remember I was in London about a year after The Dark Knight Returns and I had read the first issues of Swamp Thing, and I said ‘I’m going to buy this book, and I’m going to learn all of this stuff. I’m not going to buy it until a year later. I want to be totally immersed in the story, in the whole mythology, and I don’t think anyone will be, until that time.’

So, they’ll probably make me do a series of drawings, and I’ll draw them on my computer, and I’ll edit them for them. I mean, I know some people in the business who can.

I can’t imagine any work situation where that would be a good thing if you were.

There are a handful of people who have done work for DC, where they said ‘I’m here for the money to buy new stuff or to work out a contract.’ And a fair number of people like that. I didn’t even work for DC, and I don’t like their work. I don’t like what they’ve done to the industry. But you know how many people were there when Batman’s coming out, and when Captain America is coming out? Nobody was there when Marvel came out, because that whole new business model was new.

What about when you get paid for your artwork?

When you’re offered a lot of money, of course. I’m a little concerned about that, because what I do is my job, and I’ll do anything I can to make my money back.

So if I get paid more because I drew this or that, then there’s a part of me that says ‘I should do this or I should do that.’ That part of me wants to work and be successful, and make my money back, so I will work. But, the main part of me that doesn’t want to work is, if I go off and do my own thing, and I can do it better, and do it better all the time, and I actually do the work… then I’ll start thinking, ‘oh good! I’ve got

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