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Learn to Draw and See a Video of All Their Tricks:

By Richard Cowan

BBC News technology reporter

If you want to know how your iPhone or tablet compares to other phones with the same specs, then be sure to do the test.

The two latest devices

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Apple’s 5S and 9.7-inch iPad Pro are in the same category. Both have a quad-core processor and a much greater screen than their rivals. However, the iPad Pro has better memory for web browsing.

The difference between the phones and tablets is how well they handle the more demanding tasks of multimedia use. The Apple iPhone has excellent photo and video software, but only a small amount of photo storage, compared with the tablet.

The Apple 5S is about the same size as a standard notebook computer at 7″ x 10.5″.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, which has the same size as the iPhone but has more processing power, has a bigger screen – it’s slightly thicker – than the Apple iPhone and has a bigger battery.

But the Note 5 can perform a lot better when it comes to web browsing.

So how do you know where you stand with the top contenders on your list? I decided to find out how well the biggest-selling Android tablet stacks up against the best on the top screen size, by comparing the specs of each of them.

I first set up my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with my full-size Samsung smartphone to compare the screen quality of both against a 7″ LCD screen on a Macbook Air.

I then created a 3D render with Adobe Photoshop to show how far the display of each device will reach in terms of quality – with the iPhone offering much higher resolution – while the Macbook Air has a smaller pixel density, which might be useful to read

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