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As a psychologist I work with people with multiple kinds of brain disorders to help them recover from their difficulties.

For example, I can help someone with post traumatic stress disorder which affects not only the central nervous system, including the cerebral cortex, but also other parts of the body.

This can help them to focus and develop skills related to their illness.

My patients with mental health problem are often very shy or have difficulty speaking but this can often be caused by their illness and not caused by another physical or psychological cause.

We understand that many people have difficulties with language. However, there are other brain disorders where people are unable to speak and this may be linked to an underlying physical or mental disorder.

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You have a problem with a brain-like wiring?

Yes! We have seen it in people with schizophrenia which also involves a wiring and brain activity that is not seen in humans, such as an abnormal level of activity in the frontal regions of the brain, and abnormalities of some parts of the brain.

We know that there have been some abnormalities in people with schizophrenia. The pattern of these abnormalities may differ between people. For example, in some schizophrenics, the pattern of activity in the left frontal lobe may also be seen in the right lateral orbitofrontal cortex where people have an inferiority complex.

So we find some people where it looks as if there are abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex and others where there are abnormalities and some where it looks as if it is all right in the prefrontal cortex, while other people have what is like a whole different brain where the frontoparietal areas are abnormal and the posterior parts are normal.

Is there a treatment for schizophrenia?

No. There have been a number of drugs approved by the US pharmaceutical companies in the past 100 years to treat schizophrenia.

Of course, many of these drugs failed in clinical trials and the studies that have been conducted have shown they have no benefit. However, these drugs are sometimes prescribed to help people with schizophrenia, but only half or even less of these drugs are helping.

This is not really surprising and unfortunately, they are not used properly. For example, there are people in Europe now who are buying them thinking they are giving them a treatment for schizophrenia and they actually have a very low success rate.

Some doctors have said: ‘I can’t make anything work as schizophrenia is not a disease you can cure.’

I’m sure there are many other people who

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