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I would argue there are a ton of different aspects to creating an image. In the case of digital image processing, it comes down to a bunch of factors. The first thing that should be considered is how you are using the software. Is it being used in a professional manner? Can you control what parts of the image you are working on? Is your style set in stone? Is everyone’s style the same? How you handle things and how you handle things will effect the results of all your images. What works for you might not work well for someone else. Once you have a set of styles laid out, you can start to build an image around them. You can do this by starting with the most basic elements of your image: your camera and your surroundings.

Another consideration is exposure. A good exposure for an image will determine how much light is being received by the sensor and the resolution of the image. So the first thing we want to know is the amount of light we are getting when we shoot. Do you need to use a tripod? Are you taking an outdoor setup? How much do you want to overexpose the image? What do you use to compensate for how much light is being thrown at the image?

What about tone curves? Can you adjust them? To what levels? What does that even mean? What is the right value for the colors? And lastly, there’s lighting, and how do you actually do that? And what do you do with that? All of these factors are important so let’s start looking at more of them so we can get a deeper understanding of how to use Photoshop’s tools.

What makes an image?
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A good question – one that a lot of artists and designers are asking of themselves each day. Are we just taking the information that we see in our environment, or are we going to make a decision about this in our head? What type of decision do we have to make? Are these images we are making “in the moment” or are they something we are going to hang up on in a drawer for some time? Do they belong in our minds or do they belong in the world we live in? Is this piece “about us” or have we actually put ourselves front and center?

Do the colors you have chosen work well against each other, or does the palette of colors you chose look too homogenous? Does your photo have any of the visual elements that make a piece look more like a photograph than the images

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