Are artists brains different? – Online Art Lesson For Kids

Some of them (especially the more experimental). They have more of a working memory as a rule, and have a better attention span than most people. So you have a different kind of ‘staring’ or ‘thinking’ that is really more of a mind reading. And it has that same type of ‘perfomance’. A lot of them are even better at multitasking. I think that a lot of it is just luck.

What’s your opinion on creativity? A lot of people are skeptical of the validity of it because it’s not easily testable.

Definitely! Especially the creative side of creativity, because it’s almost never well tested.

I’m a creative person as well (although I don’t necessarily think of myself as a creative person). I am curious, but I don’t know if being creative is true of me or not. It’s a combination of both.

Who is a ‘genius’? There must be a lot of people!

Well, I believe there are a lot of geniuses among us. Just like there are plenty of geniuses among the non-geniuses. Just like there are billions of geniuses in the universe of living things. I wish I heard it from the mouth of some genius. It would make me happy. Like some people say: “He’s genius, just like us!”.

What do you think of all the talk and chatter about artificial intelligence? Many people are speculating here that AI will completely replace everyone.

I guess this is going to happen eventually? You know when you’re building a bridge you start looking at things like “What is the maximum width?”. So you’re saying “OK, I don’t know, maybe it’s a little bit over a mile”. You think “OK, I can make the bridge a little thinner”. And then you build it and it’s half a mile wide. And everyone says “Yeah, yeah”. That’s what that type of argument is for. Yeah, of course, there’s going to be an AI that is a billion times smarter than humanity. But it may take 20,000 years to do that.

Do you believe that artificial intelligence will take over all of society?

I don’t know if I can answer that. I think humans are unique and different and different from every other entity that we created. And I think computers, at least at different levels, will probably be special in different ways, but humans are, I

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