Are artists brains different? – Online Art History Courses For High School Students

Are there differences between male artists and female artists? I thought we were all equal with respect to our brain power at best! (I think I’m still in the minority here!)

Now, backtrack a bit. I mean… if you thought there were differences between men and women in the brain or any other major area, this isn’t the place for that. But it is an interesting topic I guess, and I feel as though this idea gets into a number of different different issues with how our society treats certain groups or groups of people…

I am personally a huge fan of gender equality and equality for all, and this is just part of my personal belief system and belief system that I wish would be applied to everyone. In my opinion, men and women should be treated equally; I think this should be taught in all schools and schools should be teaching it.

If there are differences between men and women in the way that we work, and in regard to our work, should those differences be celebrated? Or should they be celebrated because our work is valued and our gender is different?

What does this have to do with music?

It seems that the idea of male/female differences that we’re all equal is being questioned and not acknowledged. In many industries it seems as though women may work harder, be more professional and more ambitious at work than men, and if that was true then men would be discriminated and the gender gap would be filled…but alas no. The gender gap is just something that we seem to talk about in music because you just can’t talk about the gender disparity without bringing it up.

There are lots of reasons for this, I’ll take a look at these in more detail but I’ll say this… I think the reason behind the gender gap seems to be a lot of things, including the fact that men can have too much free time, being exposed to violence in their day to day lives, and a whole bunch of other factors (although some of these could be a product of nature and our genes).

I think that the bigger reason behind the differences between men and women in some things, is that society and certain media portray women as less than men…and the reason for this, is because of the media itself.

It seems as though there are a lot of people who are aware of the issue of sexism and sexism in the music industry but many of us, I believe, have a tendency to be very critical and say “I don’t like

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