Are artists brains different? – Matt Fussell


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Let us first assume for a moment that the majority of artists do possess a significant amount of information. Not all artists (and not all neuroscientists) would disagree with this, as there is absolutely no other way to quantify the differences between artists than one must define “the average” of the average in a particular field (an artistic brain, for example, would appear to be a different type of brain than a typical neuroscientist brain).

But what about the artists who don’t possess more information? What are the things that make up their creativity? While there are some things that everyone agrees on—and that are not necessarily true or false—it is the fact that there are certain things that are universal among all artists—and have no meaning in a particular field—that is likely to have profound implications for neurobiologists, and should lead to some important conversations. To briefly go through these conversations, let me first provide some of my own opinions.

What is creativity supposed to mean?

I’ve observed in my own mind that I can be highly creative, and yet also deeply absorbed in a particular subject; something that I can think and do but also have no knowledge about, and which I am unable to get any sort of general information from. When I hear people say “I could be the most creative person on the planet,” when I see people talk up how “awesome” they are, or “I’m a creative person!” I feel like I have to question, “Do they really know what they are talking about?” When I hear people talk about “sticking with [subject] for a long time” and say, “I’m a creative person, even without a scientific background,” or “I can do all kinds of stuff,” I want to question again, “Is this meant to be taken seriously?” I’ve never experienced this before, and I wonder how these people were able to make the leap from what they are really doing (writing, say, letters or poems) to what they have been speaking about (creative endeavors).

What does a true artist look like?

The average person looks a lot like a musician or a writer or a professional athlete, yet they also often seem to hold similar beliefs. An artist seems to be someone who is highly intelligent and thoughtful, with an analytical mind and a strong sense of intuition. I don’t know of any research about creativity and intelligence, so we have a bit of a blank canvas. But I do

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