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Why do they have such different personalities? What’s a ‘perfect’ work of art? What are all those things? Are they just as important to you as money or fame? These and more questions, as well as some that have been tossed out there are answered on this episode. Join your host as he discusses: How the artists brain works when you talk about their feelings, moods, and motivations for a specific piece and the overall process and style of work. How we as artists view each other, both in the art world as well as in society as a whole. How you can relate to the personal and psychological thoughts of your artists’ brains and how that relates to your own brain. How to create a ‘neurosymbolism’ that reflects your art and makes the artist’s brain even more active and active. How you can use these types of concepts and symbols to create an engaging and memorable piece of work that is also meaningful to the viewer. What it’s like to be in the artist’s head at the same time as they’re at work. Why a piece of work doesn’t have to be beautiful to be appreciated. How the artist can use creativity and an artistic sense to inspire, entertain, and communicate. Why art can be art, too!

This episode is also a discussion with:

A.J. Fienberg (Painting)

Alexey Sedynev (Abstract Expressionism)

Himiko Matsumoto (Painting)

João Cariño dos Santos (Abstract Expressionism)

Pablo Ruiz Nunez (Composition)

S.J. Veenstra (Painters Eye)

Alexey Pajitnov (Painting)

Ilya Samoilova (Painting)

Cristina Veevy (Painting)

L.C. Wong (Art Movement)

And a bonus episode.

And we have a fun and different guest host in David Smith. You can check out his work on his personal website here or on his portfolio here.

We were joined by John Kovalic-Harrison, a freelance writer who covers the music side of everything from bands to labels and labels to music artists. His website can be found here. He was on the show a few weeks ago and was happy to answer all the questions and give us a little insight into his craft.

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