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This is, of course, a different question from the previous one, because it’s a question of whether it’s worth your time and effort. It seems that most people are happy to invest a few hours a week in a class or a piece of art. That would seem to be a fine bargain, if the class was of high quality and did something useful or fun to you.

But this raises the question: Is it worth spending a few hours a week (or less) to enjoy the art? Some people like their art to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so art is not a great option in that regard.

What art is worth spending time on, or at least being a part of? I’d guess that you’d have to spend at least 15-20 hours a week on one thing to feel that your money will be well spent. If you want to improve yourself, try some other art, at least.

Is your art worth it?

That’s a somewhat different question from the previous one and is perhaps a different answer depending on your personal philosophy on art. In general, the answer will be: probably not. The art that I have seen the most often has a very poor aesthetic quality. While some art has a great aesthetic quality, it isn’t the best that I’ve seen in recent years, and most of the more aesthetically pleasing ones are for the most part poorly executed.

This is not to say that art can’t be artistic at least on a fairly good level – just that most art, at the most basic level and in practice, is not the best that I’ve seen. It will be the type of art you are very happy with, but not the kind of art that you want to spend the time on it. There are plenty of better ways to spend all of those hours on a Saturday.

If you want to improve yourself, try some other art, at least. (You could even try making art for yourself. Try making art by hand, do you think?)


Here’s my conclusion on what art is and what it can provide to humans. It will help you to decide if you can actually spend 20+ hours a week on a piece of art, or if you should settle for maybe 15 minutes a day.

Paint Along with Larry Hamilton - Sep-18-2013 Oil Painting ...
Art can be fun, fascinating, creative, educational, and useful. It can also kill you if you don’t watch it. You can spend hours on every aspect of your art

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