Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Social Detective App

This is a common question related to the stability of the strings. Many people are concerned about their instruments pegs being loose. For violin and cello, loose pegs would affect the vibration range of these instruments because of the high frequency of the strings. On some electric piano’s, a loose peg could affect the accuracy of your sound or cause a slight sound distortion.

On some electric piano’s, a loose peg could affect the accuracy of your sound or cause a slight sound distortion. There are a few different types of strings used for violin and cello, but one that is a problem often is the D# string. D# has a wide range of vibration, so by removing an old string, it can make your instrument more stable at lower frequencies. A soft peg will allow the string to remain in place at the top of the range of vibration. On some electric pianos you would have to remove a string and use a different D# string.
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How do I keep my Violin or Cello as Sound Stable as possible?

This is where you would replace the broken strings and get them replaced with a new one. Make sure that you check to ensure that the string is intact so you can reattach it. If you don’t have a piano, then ask your father for a set of strings that you can use to replace those breakable strings. It could be a little daunting, but you could easily learn how to replace your broken strings.

I am finding that my Violin or Cello is very noisy. What should I do?

This could be one of the most common questions about repairing an instrument. There are several ways to resolve the noise problem in your violin or cello.

How can I fix the tuning problem or string trouble?

Tuners can play a very important role in getting a sound output out of a certain string or tuning. In a nutshell, any string that is too loose or hard to tune is causing the vibrations in that string to vibrate more. If the tuners do not sound right, all of the sound coming from the individual strings is coming from a vibrating string and your violin or cello is playing too loud or in bad tuning. To fix this problem, replace the strings. If you are able to use your existing strings for a year or two and they are still in good shape, then by all means, use them for repairs.

A proper replacement of your tuners could cost a little more

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