Why is playing the violin so hard? – How To Learn To Play The Piano Online

“Because it is so challenging for the players. And the people who are playing it, sometimes, they don’t have the same kind of emotional energy,” Wills adds.

And what about the people playing the instruments? Is it any harder for them? Do they struggle a bit more? Do they have to play louder in high levels to do it?

“We don’t really have definitive answers to that,” Wills says. “I know that a lot of the players struggle in these settings with the instrument, but we don’t have definitive answers to that. The idea is just to help people understand it if you’re going to work with players in different circumstances. We have to make sure we’re as comfortable as possible.”

I find it amazing that there isn’t much information available on what to do when you get nervous about playing in front of your audience, but Wills says there are a few things he does to make it as comfortable as possible for people: “There are a few exercises that I use that I think can help. One of them is the “The Wills Dances,” where the player goes through those different motions, and one of them is the “Ride Through The Music.” It’s basically just the steps. “We try to be like the person in the room,” he says.

I ask if there are any other specific techniques he uses for creating emotional tension with the audience. Was there a particular instrument he used for the first time?

Wills smiles. “I have a new violin at the moment,” he says, and I imagine he’s going to be playing that shortly. “I have one violin that I’m really excited about.” I can tell he really wants to play it!

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