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What’s the worst violist or soloist you know? (24:52)

Who would be the best conductor? (29:30)

What’s the best-selling classical album for the year 2018 (30:15)

Who is your favorite piano player? (36:44)

Who’s your favorite actor? (37:52)

What was the worst guitar lesson you got? (39:32)

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? (39:54)

Which country would you like to visit? ( 41:25)
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Which singer’s musical career is the best? (42:55)

Has anyone ever won a Grammy? (46:50)

Is there anyone you should never work with? (48:04)

Have you heard of any music that you wouldn’t mind sharing? (50:25)

How many years have you been playing music? (53:17)

Is there anyone you love playing a piano for? (55:32)

Which music genre is best for beginners? (3:22)

The “un-official” Twitter account of the White House Correspondent’s Association has been suspended after it was used to tweet out an anti-Muslim video on Friday.

A reporter was told by White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Friday that the account was “no longer active.” The account, @WHCA, was still tweeting out the video, which was posted to a different Twitter account.

The tweet was retweeted over 4,000 times within hours, and even reached the White House press briefing room, where reporters were asked to leave and were confronted with it.

“We’re not commenting on the tweets that came out yesterday,” Earnest said.

Another account, @FASNewsFacts, has since been put up, but it’s not immediately clear if it will remain active.

We don’t support tweets that go against our policies and standards, or that violate our terms of service. Those were made clear in our FAQs after the incident. @FASnewsFacts is a satirical account. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 31, 2015

The video, which shows an American flag being burned by protesters in Egypt, has been condemned by Muslims worldwide, including the New York Times, Time and the British newspaper The Guardian

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