Which violin is best for beginners? – Learn Piano At Home For Kids

Well, it depends which violin is best for you.

A good beginner’s violin should be one that:

Is easy to play, with ease of practice, so that a young musician can learn to play it in a few months

Is easily adjustable, so that a young musician can change its position

May be available in a standard instrument or “trendy” one like the Les Paul or the Cello, both of which are well suited to young players

Doesn’t have a very strong neck that is difficult to adjust

Is made of wood that will make it easier to pick up sounds

Will work smoothly on a wide range of instruments

Is a good performer, with no problems learning and improving in a beginner violin

The following two violin pages are about which type of violin is best, based on your age and your level of experience while learning to play.

Viola Beginner’s Strings for Beginners

The page for beginners explains which violin is best for you. It covers the basics of playing the violin and clarinet and the techniques necessary to get a good, well-suited violin. It’s written for anyone who is trying out to learn to play the violin and will use it, in various settings, for several years or more.

Viola Intermediate strings for Beginners

The page for intermediate students details the exact steps to take to get a great sounding violin that will work for years in the home. It focuses on what is required to achieve a good sound, but it also touches on other important aspects like learning to use your voice.

Viola Advanced strings for Beginners

The page for advanced students includes a discussion of how to take the necessary lessons, and how to get the best sounding violin. It also includes tips on how to play your favorite pieces, plus tips on how to use your playing for socializing.

Viola Intensive strings for Beginners

The page for beginners discusses the many types of strings available in the market, and how to decide whether it is the right instrument for you. (It’s also geared to adults, but that’s another page.)

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