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The “price” is of course the total amount of money the seller will receive.

(e.g. if two sellers exchange 5-10 lbs of silver for a $20,000 silver violin – the buyer will receive $30,000.00. In that case, the price was $30,000.00)

Therefore the real market value of silver in the market would determine the price of the silver violin.

Also, to determine the real market value of silver, one would need to look at the various “valuations” of silver throughout history.
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(e.g. if I have my grandfather’s guitar which, according to many auctioneers, is worth $25,000-30,000 today, is that true? The appraiser or the dealer who valued it would have to have some idea of the value of that instrument in various times, places, and places, and of what other instruments were made in the past – if there were any.)

This is why prices are so important. The same violin can command many different prices in the market, and different silver values can be identified.

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