What age should you start violin lessons? – How To Learn Piano Notes On Piano

You have already learned how to play viola, which means that, of course, you need to learn some other instruments as well. So, if you are playing your first violin, you should be between five and ten years.

If you are already an accomplished player, you will start the lessons sooner, but you can still be good.

Your first violin lessons are not for beginners. They are to enable you to master other instruments very easily.

How many lessons are needed for improving your playing?

Well, it depends how good you are at playing with different sounds, and also how much you are willing and able to learn.

In the beginning of lesson, I tell you how it’s working, and I instruct you in the movements. You won’t need any more lessons after that.

Will a beginner violin lesson cost money?

Not at all. But it should cost a price you are interested, so you won’t forget it.

What will you pay for a violin lesson?

It’ll depend on all the details. There will be different discounts available for young players as well as adult.

It’ll also depend of the quality of the instrument and the quality of the coach. Generally, there are a lot of discount at most places. I know that some places offer free lessons. There are many places where you can have lessons for a reasonable price.

Where can I get violin lessons?

There are many places where you can get a lesson. Here are several that I know of:

Yoga Studio, The Foothills, Denver, Colorado

Dakar Center, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Vogelstrasse, Bern, Germany

Siemens Center, Zurich

Finnish Schools in Germany

Some other places are, for example, in Milan, Spain.

As a first violin lesson

What is the most efficient way to get started, and what is the minimum price to start violin lessons with a teacher?

Well, when somebody asks me this question, I answer immediately with “The quickest way is to buy a concertina. There are places that sell that for cheap (usually less than €40). You can even get that cheaper than just getting a first beginner violin lesson. And if you don’t have a good teacher, the best thing is to teach yourself as much as possible. You can make a lot of progress doing that. Your piano

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