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We’re still waiting for the next answer. But a new way to handle dry-rosin is being developed by the California Drought Emergency Network (SACDEN) as a way to prevent water shortages for communities near water sources that use dry rosin.

Dry rosin is available from many sources that sell it:

• Home Depot : The product is available at various times and is usually on sale for $4.99 for 6 bags.

• Home Depot in the Home Depot on the West Coast : $3.59 for 4 bags.

• Walmart : $4.99 for 6 bags.

• Food Lion and Safeway : $3.99 a bag.

• Target and Walmart : $4.99 a bag.

• Drugstores : $0.49 per bag.

There is more, however.

Baking soda: The product is also available from a number of supermarkets and grocery stores across the country and sells for $4.99 a bag. To avoid the $4.99 for the dry rosin, purchase all your baking soda at one time, and then buy the dry rosin.

How is dry rosin different than a liquid soap?

Dry rosin is a liquid soap, which means there is no liquid inside. As a result, its odor and color doesn’t change, but it does change as it breaks down over time. (When you use wet rosin, it’s more likely to be a lighter color than other liquids, and it’s easier to rub your hands and your face together, because the wet rosin does not react with the skin.)

The other major difference between dry rosin and a liquid soap is that dry rosin is made of a combination of ingredients that are naturally preservative free. But, dry rosin comes as a liquid.

Is dry rosin more toxic?

Dry rosin is less toxic than other types of lye or detergent. There are some reports of dyes, such as yellow mustard, getting into the liquid formula from the ingredient sodium hydroxide.

And, it’s a little more expensive — more than the cost to use the soap.

How is dry rosin different from bleach?

Unlike a liquid soap, dry rosin doesn’t go away when the soap is boiled. You can use it as a rinse or wipe a surface with it to clean up dirt.

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